Inkster police find dead homeowner after three 911 calls to residence

An investigation started by Inkster police on Friday twice brought them to a home without finding anything.

But the third call to the residence revealed a grim scene: the owner, dead, with an apparent gunshot wound. So far, no suspects are in custody.

"The 911 calls came in as check the well-being of the subject that lives in the home," said police chief Tamika Jenkins. "Two of the times the officers went there, they didn't get an answer at the door, so they cleared the location."

The investigation started with two mysterious 911 calls from an unknown woman on Friday. They were asking for a welfare check at the home, located off Standford Street, near Beech Daly and Annapolis.

When the third call came in, someone on the other end said they found the subject inside. 

The caller was a friend of the 45-year-old male victim. No one else was inside, except his dog. The pet was taken away by animal control as the homicide investigation ramped up. Michigan State Police are overseeing the case.

Inkster police are expected to assist.

"They are processing the house, processing the scene, seeing if they can find or collect any evidence," said Jenkins.


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