Inkster residents say overgrown weeds, abandoned property a haven for crime

Some Inkster residents say tall grass has become an eyesore and has to go because it's bringing criminal activity too close to their home.

"All this right here is a drug spot that they operate from," says resident Davonte Velez.

Another resident Aimee Velez says, "Prostitutes come here smoke crack, have sex."

The abandoned building surrounded by overgrown weeds is located right off Michigan Avenue.

Residents, such as Angel Edwards,  who live in the apartments next door say they're afraid to leave and enter their complex.

"I was going to the store one night and someone in the bushes said 'hey come here' and I ran this way and took the long way around."

Fox 2 went searching for answers and according to city records the property owner is Jessie Moner.

Moner passed away in 2011 according to public documents but her son is former Inkster City Council Member, Lorenzo Moner.

Fox 2 reached out to Moner and went to his home but there was no answer.

Fed up, these residents say they're not going to sit back and let criminal activity take over their neighborhood so they started a petition to get some changes from the city.

"We really want it gone but if not at least clean it up," says Edwards.   "Fix it up. Do something proper with it."

Fox 2 reached out to city officials about this property and we were told:

"The city of Inkster has provided the property owner with the proper notice of violation and the property owner has 14 days to comply with that notice."

For now, these residents say they have to wait in fear.

"It's just dangerous you can't even come outside after 7 o'clock at night," says Edwards.