Innocent driver hit by fleeing suspect running red light in Livonia

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A police pursuit spans two cities and includes a crash with an innocent driver - but the chase didn't end there.

A reckless driver fleeing police puts a young woman in the hospital. Dearborn Heights police say it all started Thursday night when a man driving over 80 miles per hour along Warren Avenue, sped past a parked police officer.

"He began following the vehicle," Sgt. Nick Szopko said. "He caught up to the vehicle and ran the license plate, it came up stolen."

After following the man for roughly 10 minutes near Warren and Wayne roads, the high-speed chase continued as the man, driving at least 60 miles per hour, crossed into Livonia and hit a 23-year-old woman driving a Ford Taurus.

"She was turning off of Joy onto Wayne Road when he struck her," Szopko said. "He was turning against a solid red light."

According to a witness after the crash the suspect tried to make a run for it and scuffled with police before they tased him.

That 23-year-old says once that car hit hers, everything was a complete blur. She has since been released from the hospital and is at home resting.

"It's dangerous for everyone involved," Szopko said. "We try to end pursuits as possible, for the safety of the public, our safety and for the safety of the person who is fleeing.

"That's why we try and end it as fast as we can."

That driver is expected to face charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, driving on a suspended license and fleeing police and is also suspected to have been under the influence of drugs. 

Police just relieved this careless act -- wasn't deadly.

"Unfortunately somebody innocent was injured," Szopko said. "Fortunately no one else was hurt."