Intruders posing as cops cut power to home, shoot 28-year-old man

Two men claiming to be officers broke into a Detroit home, cutting power to the house and shooting the man inside.

"They came in, kicked the door in and they were like, 'DEA.' As soon as they said DEA, they started shooting," said Anthony McWilliams, the victim's friend.

A friend of the 28-year-old man shot explains what the victim told him shorty after the early morning chaos that happened at about 2:30 a.m. on Robson Street on Detroit's west side.

According to the victim, two men cut the power to the home, which is on the end of the block near an open field. They then kicked in the side door, yelling they're with the DEA, followed by shots fired.

Police say there were other people in the house, but fortunately no one else was hit.

The victim jumped out of the window and ran for help, and his friend called police.

"I was upstairs. I heard like maybe 12 shots. I called down the street to make sure my friend was alright," McWilliams said.

London Perkins also lives a few homes from where the shooting took place.

"These neighborhoods -- it ain't safe out here. So that's why I stay where I'm at, in my house," she said.

She normally sits on her front porch until about 2 a.m. sometimes, and feels fortunate she didn't this time.

But in this case, being safe inside your own home is not guarantee.

"It's not because it's no telling who, what's going to happen to anybody. So yeah, it ain't a good look for nobody," Perkins said.

Detroit police are not able to confirm if the suspects impersonated law enforcement officers because the victim or anyone did not get a good look at them in the dark.

FOX 2 spoke to the victim briefly, who is doing OK physically but did not want to speak on camera.

Meanwhile, police are continuing to investigate this early morning shooting, but they do not have any strong leads on a suspect or suspects.