Is brand water really worth it?

There's designer brand clothes, designer brand shoes and apparently designer brand waters.

If this shocks you, here's an even bigger surprise: Dr. Joel Kahn tells us you don't need any of it.

Here we have Deena Centofanti sitting down with the doctor to talk about different brands from around the world. Brands like Absopure, Karma, and Italian Still Water come in all shapes, sizes and costs.

Some brands contain vitamins while others have a little baking soda added. Some come in glass bottles and others are poured in plastic. And then you have the prices of each bottle ranging, with some costing ten times as much as others.

Dr. Kahn tells us the best source for water is filtered tap water. It's cheaper, clean and doesn't do the environment harm that many other brands with externalities can cause.

Only 5 percent of plastic bottles make it into recycling. 

"Thirty million plastic bottles get thrown out a day," says Dr. Kahn. "The oceans are choking with this stuff."

Who knew?