Is Obamacare dead; Trump's religious freedom executive order

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Part 1: Is Obamacare dead?

Obamacare may be on borrowed time after Thursday's House voted to revise the GOP health bill.

But is the Republican replacement plan any better?

On the panel:

Maureen Stapleton, business owner, former state rep.

Dr. Rob Steele, cardiologist

Dr. Gerald Shiener, psychiatrist

Karl Albrecht, past president of the Metro Detroit Association of Health Underwriters.

Part 2: Trump's executive order on religious freedom

The president signs an executive order promoting religious freedom.

Does it allow politics in the pulpit or religious hatred to run free.

On the panel:

Dana Nessel, gay rights attorney who led landmark case legalizing same-sex marriage

Rebecca Kiessling, conservative attorney

Robert Van Kirk, LGBTQ advocate, chair of Stonewall for Revolution.

Erin Mersino, conservative attorney and Constituional law expert.

On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit about the religious freedom order.