“It's been 14 years”: Who killed Gremajor Nelson outside a busy Detroit coney?

The night of December 8, 2007, is one that the family of Gremajor Nelson will never forget. The 34-year-old was walking past a Detroit coney island when a man walked up, the two argued, and then he was shot and killed in front of the restaurant. It's been over 14 years - and no suspects have ever been arrested.

Nelson was outside the coney island when he started arguing with one man who shot him in the face - right below the eye. Then a second suspect showed up and started shooting too. His aunt, Renee Jones, said the two suspects got into a car that was behind the coney island 

"The other guy came from around the building and continued shooting. so never any other word than they ‘ran off'," Jones said. "They believe that he was targeted. He was not robbed, he on his watch, he had money in pocket, and he was target for whatever reason. That's what we want to get closure for - to understand better why. If you knew him, you automatically loved him because he was a lovable person."

There was surveillance video from a nearby drugstore but it was too grainy to use.

Jones said they do know that the suspects drove north on Freeland away from the coney island and that there were a number of witnesses nearby who could come forward.

"There was a young man, maybe about 12 at that time, if he would come forward - because he's an adult now - maybe he would have some other input," she said. "It’s been over 14 years now, going into the 15th year in December and those Christmases don't get any better, but I try to maintain faith that that justice will be served."

Jones is begging anyone who was inside the coney island that day almost 15 years ago to come forward.

Anyone with tips or information can call 1-800-CRIMESTOPPERS and you will remain anonymous.