Jack Kevorkian's former VW van for sale

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian and the question over the right to die was one of biggest stories of the 1990s.

Depending on your point of view, the defiant "Dr. Death" was either a saint or a serial killer. And now --a piece of his personal history is up for sale.

It doesn't run and it appears to be held together by nothing so much as dust and inertia.

This deteriorating Volkswagen van hasn't moved in two and a half years, two decades after its great infamy as Jack Kevorkian's mobile clinic for helping people to die.

FOX 2: "How do you put a value on something tas such cultural significance as assisted suicide?"

"Being in the pawn business you have to put a value on everything," said Les Gold of American Jewelry and Loan. "I figure if this guy wanted a $100,000 and I was going to pay $40,000 - that it would be worth at least $50,000."

FOX 2: "What are you hoping to get out of it?"

"If I can get $40,000 which is what was going to be my offer, I would be more than happy to sell it," Gold said. "This is an iconic piece of Detroit history."

Gold, whose pawnshop is on the Tru TV reality show Hardcore Pawn, says it's a bit of a fixer-upper.

"The car doesn't run, the interior is in bad shape," he said. "But it is the idea that it was Jack Kevorkian's van.

"We have all of the documentation which is most important when selling something like this, so vintage."

Gold says he has the title, registration and Kevorkian's driver's license.

It is interesting how something that was once seen as sinister by some and a saving grace to others can end up a curiosity in a pawnbroker's warehouse - largely forgotten by a public once fascinated by Kevorkian's crusade.

"We can only appreciate something for so long," Gold said. "In any collection for me personally, I don't keep it forever, because forever is a long time."

The question is who would buy it?

FOX 2: "Maybe Jeffrey Fieger would buy it?"

"You know what, I should approach him," Gold said. "It's always for sale."