Jackets for Jobs celebrates 2 decades of empowering Detroiters looking for work

For nearly 20 years Jackets for Jobs has helped Detroiters transition from welfare to work.

Porche Morrow is a Jackets for Jobs success story.

"Before they give us beautiful clothes, they do empower and encourage us from the inside. So when we leave there, we're just empowered and we feel great. It's just a wonderful experience," she said.

Jackets for Jobs is celebrating nearly two decades of empowering people at its Suit Up and Boss Up luncheon at MGM Grand on Thursday.

"19 years, outfitting over 27,000 metro Detroiters looking for employment and that's what we're all about -- workforce development, helping people put their best foot forward. Not only to get a job but to keep a job," said founder and CEO Alison Vaughn.

FOX 2's Taryn Asher emceed the event and Detroit native Loni Love, host of the syndicated talk show "The Real" that airs on FOX 2, was the keynote speaker.

"What I like about Jackets for Jobs is that they help you where you feeling on the inside to look like that on the outside, and that's why this is such an important group," she said.

It's an important group that helps people feel important.

"When people come to jackets for jobs, their head is down, their posture is down. When they walk out, they have their head held high. They feel more confident, they feel successful," Vaughn said.

Porche is just one of many who is on her way.

"Now I feel like I'm soaring," she said.