Jackson County man threatened Wisc. professors he would ‘hide flesh of children in hamburger meat’

A former college student appeared in federal court in Detroit on Tuesday on accusations of treating to kill people and kids at his former school in Wisconsin.

Arvin Raj Mathur was arrested at Detroit Metro Airport after arriving from Denmark. The disgusting details of his threats were revealed in federal court documents that show he was emailing former friends and professors at a university in Wisconsin that he was going kill and hide the flesh of their children in hamburger meat.

Mathur is a U.S. citizens from Jackson County and was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He's charged with federal crimes of threatening his former roommate and professors in the anthropology department at the university, which he left in 2021.

Mathur is accused of threatening nine people, most of them graduate students, staff or professors at the Madison campus. Among those emails were one to an anthropology professor saying that two of the other people he had threatened should "sue me right away," authorities said.

One of the emails accuses several of the victims of espionage for the Chinese government and of trying to poison him with leftovers from a picnic. Mathur went as far as reporting several of them to the CIA and FBI, claiming they were Chinese operatives. 

The threats got more aggressive.

"Otherwise, I will murder their children. Call the police and a lawyer, otherwise, I will kill their children and hide their flesh inside of their burger meat," he added in the email, court records show.

In one case, he told a female professor at the university that said she’d be kidnapped and wake up with her legs in hydrofluoric acid.

Before any of those threats could be carried out, a coordinated effort by investigators at the university and the Department of Homeland Security led to his arrest at DTW.

Federal prosecutors charged Mathur in U.S. District Court’s Western Division of Wisconsin. The Detroit News reported that Mathur's court-appointed attorney is Amanda Bashi. She did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Arvin Raj Mathur