James Crumbley's trial begins this week - here's what to expect

The second of two groundbreaking trials is set to begin this week when jury selection for the trial of James Crumbley starts Tuesday.

From an Oakland County courtroom in Pontiac, a judge will help find 12 jurors that can serve on the bench while prosecutors present their case against Crumbley. The father of the Oxford shooter is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

That's the same as his wife Jennifer Crumbley, who was convicted during a jury trial earlier this year. However, there are some differences to this trial that could alter how the legal teams present their arguments - as well as how the jury could decide the verdict.

"The problem James Crumbley is gonna have is he bought that weapon," said Lillian Diallo.

Diallo is an attorney in metro Detroit. The gun was a gift for James' 15-year-old son who later carried out the shooting. Another facet of this trial that could be different is that one of the students who was shot during the rampage in 2021 is expected to testify. 

"That’s gonna add an emotional element that was not necessarily present in Jennifer Crumbley's trial," said Diallo.

Another difference in this case is whether James will testify - it's unclear if he will. Jennifer Crumbley spoke during her trial. Based on how it went, the defense could choose not to have him testify. 

"When I look at James Crumbley overall, he’s just more sympathetic," said Diallo.

"One thing we cannot get away from are the four dead children, the four slaughtered innocence that had nothing to do with whatever was going on in the Crumbley house, but they paid the ultimate price with their lives," she added

For Todd Perkins, another attorney who has monitored the case, he sees the emotional elements of the trial as key to the prosecution's argument. He added that James' defense has the benefit of seeing how a similar trial already played out.

"You also have to recognize Mr. Crumbley has the benefit of what not to do at trial, based upon what Mrs. Crumbley did," said Perkins. "And I just believe there are so many factors in this case that don’t align themselves with what we’ve typically seen because this is an atypical case." 


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