Jay Dunn has Dystonia, which cause his muscles to cramp and twist. He's now campaigning for a cure

Once you meet someone who deals with dystonia, you never forget it. 

And that's probably why a metro Detroit man has made it his mission to raise money and awareness, so that one day there's a cure. He just hopes that cure doesn't come too late.

Each painful step requires focus, strength and endurance. This is what dystonia does to a body. The movement disorder causes muscles to twist and cramp.  

For Jay Dunn of Warren, after many years, many times he feels like he's losing this battle with his body.

He can only communicate with a device, but he never complains. 

"I've known him for 20 years and he's never complained. I think that's what inspired me about him," Mike Delise tells us. His daughters went to school with Jay, and he's become Jay's biggest advocate and loudest voice.

"When I first met him, I didn't know the word dystonia. So I knew something had to be done. How could I not know with the shape that he's in?"

Now Mike is taking his effort to raise money and awareness to a new level. Way up above I-696, he paid for a billboard to include Jay's pictures, asking for just $5. 

"We've been trying to raise money for a cure, $5 at a time," he tells us. 

Right now doctors don't really know what causes dystonia; it's likely a miscommunication in the brain. Jay's spasms started at 6 years old, and just keep getting worse. 

"He's had six brain operations, he needs a cure, a cure takes research and takes money," says Delise. 

Mike and Jay came up with the 5 Dollar Cure campaign and website a few years ago. Every five dollar donation goes directly to dystonia medical research foundation. 

"We're looking for 5,000 poeple to donate $5. Five dollars is a cup of coffee; give it up once a year," Mike says. "We have to find a cure while he's here."

FOX 2's Deena Centofanti keeps In touch with Jay on Twitter, and he's such a positive guy despite being dealt a terrible hand. 

Jay is also a huge sports fan so if he's having a good day you may see him at a Lions or Red Wings game.

Mike is hopefull that metro Detroiters will rally behind Jay and the dystonia community and raise valuable research money. 

If you'd like to learn more or make your $5 donation, visit www.5dollarcure.com