Jeep leaves out Michigan's UP in Super Bowl ad

It may have been some people's favorite ad on Super Bowl Sunday. It also may have been some people's most hated.

It might be geography that defines if Jeep's new ad campaign "The Middle" was worth admiration or admonishment. For those in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it's likely the latter.

Like so many brands before it, Jeep made the mistake of leaving off a third of the state in its commercial.

Some people probably noticed immediately. But for those that don't have their eyes drawn to apparently one of America's most forgotten regions, Twitter would be quick to guide you to the error.

Jeep joins the likes of news broadcasters, social media companies, and so many other companies that must have missed the 1836 memo when Michigan was incorporated into the union as long as it accepted all that luscious northern land instead of the Toledo Strip

For all things UP-omitting, a company in Marquette that tracks cases of missing peninsulas on their website

The Detroit-based company, which falls under the ownership of Stellantis (formally Fiat-Chrysler), put out a Bruce Springsteen-stared advertisement that finds itself in America's 'middle,' which happens to be Kansas.