Jeepers at Lakeside Mall given cease and desist order over safety violations

The Jeepers at Lakeside Mall in Macomb County has been given a cease and desist order by state officials.

LARA says the indoor amusement park had been operating hazardous and unsafe carnival/amusement rides. 

The rides are: Banana Squadron, JJ's Driving School, Python Pit, and Yak Attack. The order prohibits Jeepers from operating the rides until violations are corrected.

Upon inspection, officials found the following numerous safety violations of Michigan's Carnival-Amusement Safety Act:

Missing parts including a brake fin, body latches, seat latches, rollback levers, keys in pins connecting cars;
Cracks in equipment including at a jack stand;
Leaking hydraulic line or cylinder;
Unsafe lap bars, body latches and seat latches;
Dysfunctional operator controls, track joints, motor covers; and
Failure to properly inspect and document daily inspections of rides. 

"Carnival rides in Michigan are held to the highest safety standards to keep riders safe," said LARA's Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) Director Keith Lambert. "LARA inspects permitted amusement rides annually; however, ride operators are required to conduct daily inspections before operation according to manufacturer criteria, national standards, and state law."