Jim Harbaugh gets drilled by son with Wiffle ball

Screenshot via Twitter/Jim Harbaugh

The good news is that Jim Harbaugh is fine. The bad news is - his son may not be following his footsteps and playing football. The proof is in the two Wiffle ball rockets Harbaugh posted to Twitter, one of which hit him in the face.

It's a warm summer day. Football season is still a few months out and Coach Harbaugh is soaking up his time with his family in the backyard with Wiffle ball.

With his phone recording in one hand, he's lobbing it to his son when a laser comes right at his face. 

"You knocked the phone right out of my hand! It hit me in the head!" Harbaugh said.

To prove the bullet wasn't a fluke, Harbaugh posted another video of his son crushing one over the fence.

Clearly, the kid has some great bat speed and some talent with a bat.