Joe Biden wins Michigan primary, extending lead over Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden is projected to win the Michigan Primary, picking up most of the 125 delegates in the state and taking a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders in the battle for the Democratic nomination.

Here is a look at the Michigan Primary results: VIEW RESULTS | VIEW COUNTY-BY-COUNTY BREAKDOWN

By picking up the majority of the delegates in Michigan, Biden has cemented his front-runner status over Sanders after winning the most delegates during Super Tuesday last week.

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Both Biden and Sanders spent the past week crisscrossing the state, trying to pick up the majority of the 125 delegates.

Michigan is the biggest prize this week among the six states holding primaries on Tuesday. Missouri, Mississippi, Washington state, Idaho and North Dakota also hold contests.

As of 9 p.m., Biden was named winner in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi. 

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The winner from the Democrat side will challenge President Donald Trump in November. There were once 24 hopefuls for President on the Democratic side of the ticket. 

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