Jon Benet Ramsey's brother files $150M defamation lawsuit in Detroit

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A new lawsuit involving the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey has made its way to Detroit.

It's still an unsolved mystery that has captivated the country for years.

Now the brother of Jon Benet is suing a forensic expert and CBS over a recent documentary - and the case is being heard right here in Detroit.

Burke Ramsey, 30, is suing local yet world-renowned forensic pathologist Werner Spitz, accusing him of defamation in a $150 million dollar lawsuit.

Ramsey's attorney Lin Wood noted his client has never been charged and was cleared by a grand jury, and won prior defamation lawsuits against tabloids that accused Burke of killing his sister.

"I know that since 1998, 1999, not a single member of the mainstream media or the tabloid media have ever accused this boy of killing his sister again," Wood said. "And I promised his mother on her deathbed that I would always be there for her."

The allegation is that in September, Dr. Spitz, while working on an unsolved crimes series for CBS on the Jon Benet case, told WWJ radio that his research concluded Burke killed his sister.

"What he said was, i's the boy who did it. I don't know the why. I'm not a psychiatrist," Wood said. "Would they consider that a statement of fact or a statement of opinion? We've got the answer to that."

Jim Stewart is representing Dr. Spitz, arguing anyone hearing or reading the story would know Dr. Spitz was giving his opinion -- not stating a fact.

Stewart is asking for the case against his client to be dismissed - but Judge David Groner says he needs to actually hear the interview, not just read an article about the interview.

The judge questioning why he has not yet received a copy of that audio and that he'll need that within the next couple of weeks to move further.