Judge: Northland Mall to close after more than 60 years

Irene Hardwick Green has owned Top of the Line Styles for 17 years inside the mall. She was in court when Potts read her ruling and was stunned.

"I thought something could be worked out but obviously it couldn't," she said. "I'm not worried about myself, i'm worried about my employees. All the employees at Northland. What will they do?"

Green asked the attorney about appealing the ruling and was told there would not be one but they may be allowed an extra couple of weeks in the mall. 

Potts said in court that only 55% of the mall is occupied. She noted that they toured the building and saw that it was dilapidated and the heating and cooling system was not working properly. She said there was no way to turn the mall around and closing it was the right thing to do.

There is no mention of what the building or land will be used for but there is speculation that there are some buyers who are interested in the property. No one has come forward.

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