Judge orders man, 30, to move out of parents' home

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A judge in upstate New York has sided with Mark and Christina Rotondo who want to evict their son Michael Rotondo, 30, from their home.

A judge in Onondaga County Supreme Court Tuesday ordered a 30-year-old man to move out of his parents' house after they went to court to have him ejected.

Michael Rotondo, who represented himself in court, told the judge he knows his parents want him out of the split-level ranch they share.

But he argued that as a family member, he's entitled to six months more time.

State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood rejected that as outrageous. 

Rotondo told reporters he'll appeal.

Michael Rotondo was first asked to leave back in February and several times since through letters he allegedly ignored.

In one letter written Feb. 2, Rotondo's parents wrote:  “Michael, After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately,” signed, “Mark and Christina Rotondo.”

Eleven days later another letter was sent:   “Michael Joseph Rotondo, You are hereby evicted from 408 Weatheridge Drive, Camillus, New York effective immediately,” it reads. “You have heretofore been our guest and there is no lease or agreement that gives you any right to stay here without our consent.

More letters were sent over the following weeks including offers to help Michael by giving him $1,100 and advice on how to deal with his broken car, reported the NY Post, but to no avail.

The parents filed an official eviction petition on May 7.

Mark and Christina Rotondo were reportedly fed up with their son not paying bills or help with chores.