Judge Rhodes meets with DPS School Board in public meeting

Detroit Public School leaders met briefly Wednesday morning to try and come up with solutions to the district's many issues. Transition manager Judge Steven Rhodes sat down with the DPS school board, which is asking for a forensic audit of the district to find out how the debt got so deep so quick.

The former bankruptcy judge says at this point in time, DPS does not have the money to pay for a forensic audit of any scope, but that if there's a way to pay for it he'll support it.

The board says they would want the audit to focus specifically on contracts and fraud. 

Rhodes says he expects Wednesday's meeting will be the start of "a productive dialogue."

The elected board was stripped of its responsibilities in 2009 after the state appointed the first of five emergency managers to fix the district's finances.

Rhodes said he believes their common goals include "a return to local control."

The state is looking at plans to pay off the district's estimated $467 million debt. One plan also would provide $200 million in transition funds for a new, separate district that would educate students and have its finances overseen by a commission of state appointees.