Judge to hear motion to unseal Bashara court file

UPDATE: The hearing has been canceled for the day. 

The Bob Bashara case could have new developments as it returns to court Tuesday. We're told Judge Vonda Evans will hear a motion to unseal the Bashara court file.

It's been under seal since the case began in 2012.

Bashara was found guilty of hiring handyman Joe Gentz to kill his wife, but Gentz recently told an inmate he acted alone.

Gentz, like Bob, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison but said that Bob had nothing to do with Jane's murder in a new court filing.

In the two-page affidavit signed by Joe Gentz, he says Bob owed him money for fixing a pipe in his backyard and doing a painting job. When Bob didn't pay, Gentz said he was going to steal something from Bashara as payment.

"I broke into his home, walked into the garage and Mrs. Jane Bashara caught me and I lost control," the affidavit says.

Bashara is currently fighting to get a new trial, claiming his attornies were ineffective and media attention tainted the case.