Judge to Kajavia Globe's killer: 'last 10 years of sentence is for the smile'

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A heartbroken mother asks a judge to send her daughter's killer to prison for the rest of his life.

With a sentence of 70 to 100 years it's unlikely he'll ever be a free man again.

Maxwell Brack killed 24-year old Kajavia Globe last December, stuffed her body in a trash can and helped himself to her bank account.

Twenty-four purple balloons in her favorite color represented each year Kajavia Globe was alive. Her family was outside court Tuesday moments after Globe's ex-boyfriend is sentenced for her murder.

"You'll be sentenced to a minimum of 70 years to a maximum of 100 years," said the judge.

After the judge's sentence, "Oh thank you Jesus," could be heard in the audience.

Brack, 24, was convicted of second degree murder after Kajavia's body was found in a garbage can last year. The judge Tuesday referenced Brack's lack of remorse amd called him despicable, insensitive and selfish as he was seen smiling during that verdict.

"And the last 10 years of that sentence, that's for that smile," the judge.

Moments before, Globe's younger sisters and her mother gave emotional victim impact statements.

"This man has taken something from me that I can never get back," said her mother. "I ask for your mercy. Give this man life."

Kajavia's mother told stories of abuse, saying she tried having an intervention with her daughter to get her away from Brack - a man she calls "the devil's advocate."

"He doesn't care," she said. "He shows no remorse. He killed my baby. I would never invite the devil to my house, to eat at my table. I hate this man. He has destroyed my family."

Brack says he is innocent and Tuesday used his chance to speak to defend his demeanor.

"I wasn't smiling at the fact I was found guilty," Brack said. "I wouldn't smile at the fact I was found guilty."

Outside, Globe's family calling this day victorious.

"I knew from day one he did it," Lashonda Globe said. "He will die in prison where all scumbags need to be."

Lashanda Globe says this family is still standing thanks to each other and their faith. Planning now to focus on healing and praying Kajavia Globe is finally at peace.

"He did not destroy us, but he's not going to have the last laugh because we are going to learn how to live with this," said Globe. "This is something we will never forget and bring it to the grave.  But we're going to learn to live with it."