Kangaroo owner under fire for taking it on stage for MIke Epps

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This kangaroo is now an internet sensation - he's even been on FOX 2 after a Snapchat of the animal hopping down a Detroit street went viral last week.

Now the owner of the Exotic Zoo where the kangaroo lives is facing criticism from outraged animal rights groups for bringing the animal on stage at a Mike Epps concert.

It is the cell phone video from Detroit posted on YouTube that is upsetting many animal lovers Monday.  The video was shot at Joe Louis Arena Friday showing a kangaroo on stage at a comedy show.

"I felt sorry for the kangaroo, he looked scared, he was trying to move away, he was pushing," said Pam Sordyl , Southeastern Michigan Puppy Mill Awareness. "That just pulls at anyone's heart thinking an animal is afraid."

The kangaroo and his handler, Javon Stacks,  who runs a company called Exotic Zoo in Detroit was seen recently on FOX 2 after millions watched the Snapchat of Stacks walking the kangaroo on a Detroit street.

"The idea of putting a kangaroo on a leash - that's cruel," said Ron Kagan of the Detroit Zoo.

And since then, the recent video of comedian Mike Epps who can be seen dancing on stage with the kangaroo and now apologizing, while Stacks' attorney tells FOX 2 Monday that the allegations of animal abuse are arbitrary and reckless adding:

"Countless schools, institutions and businesses have requested their exhibitions. The contention is without merit as by definition, the Exotic Zoo is a Zoo and licensed."

"He's misleading the public when he says he's properly licensed," said Sordyl. "Only 12 of his 100 animals he has are regulated by the USDA."

Sordyl says she couldn't sleep last night thinking about the kangaroo and the other animals in Stacks' care, filing complaints against Stacks in the past..

Sordyl says in 2014, Stacks had a dangerous lizard out in the open at the Novi Pet Expo.

There's a little child walking up to the lizard and there was no barriers," she said. "I thought this is a concern."

Sordyl called police and filed a complaint with Detroit Animal Control.

"Then someone else contacted me and said the lizard tumbled onto the floor and is bleeding," Sordyl said.

While we're told the USDA is investigating, Sordyl says she hopes this is the last time she will have to file a complaint against him.

"Choose not to use him," she said. “I think he's misleading. I think he's doing it for profit. I don't think he uses good judgment in how he handles the animals."