Karmanos wins $16M lawsuit vs. Compuware, plans 2nd suit

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It took two years but Peter Karmanos was victorious in his $16.5 million lawsuit against his former company. But this may only be the beginning as he plans a second lawsuit.

Karmanos gave FOX 2's Charlie Langton a rare glimpse inside his life. He said he's retired now and he even has a new venture called Mad Dog Technology, which assists companies with advanced technologies, but he's far from done.

After all, he says he had some fun suing Compuware, the company he started over 40 years ago,  for wrongful discharge. He won his case and collected a $16.5 million award. Now, he's contemplating suing the company again, this time on the behalf of shareholders because he says they were cheated when Compuware was sold for only $2.5 million dollars.

Watch Charlie Langton's two-part exclusive interview above to see him talk about everything from his business starting in Detroit to his NHL team, the Carolina Hurricanes. Plus, what does he think of the new Red Wings Arena. Click play above to find out!