Keep calories in mind with summer cocktails

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Summer vacation is in full effect and is a time when many of us enjoy an extra cocktail or two. But what it is really doing to your diet? 

From beers on the beach to pina coladas on the patio. Some of our choices can pack a real caloric punch.

A frozen margarita can have anywhere from 350 to750 calories. A better choice may be Skinnygirl margarita, which comes in at 100 calories for a 5 ounce serving

A glass of wine is about 150 calories. You can cut those calories in half by turning it into a white wine spritzer instead. That's 4 ounces of white wine topped with club soda (80 calories).

When it comes to beers, most ring in about 150 calories a serving, but Bud Light Lime-a-Rite has about 220 calories. If you're watching calories, try Budweiser Select 55 which has only 55 calories.

Also remember the sweeter the drink the more sugars it has, so the chance for a big calorie intake increases.

Of course -- water is zero calories so that's you're best choice.