Keeping warm during the cold

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You know today is the coldest day we've had since Last February, but it isn't keeping people away from having fun downtown at Campus Martius.

This year's Meridian Winter Blast happens to fall during the coldest blast of winter this season.

Rico Norris who was at Winter Blast today told us he was embracing the warm shower he had this morning.

"And I'm here with my little ones, so I thought get them warm, get them prepared and have a day of fun."

People holding tight to each other while enjoying "great times and cool events."

Kyle Berry was at the event with his toddler son, but said they would only be staying for a half hour.

"He wants to ride the slide. That's the big thing."

But not everyone in Detroit has a warm home to return to. Down the street, warming shelters are opening for the night, including Cass Community Social Services on Cass Avenue.

Veronica Davidson told us she was going to warming center because of the "bone chilling cold."

Some are homeless, others, have no heat and nowhere else to turn.

"I'm from out of town from different area," says Christie Kreitlow.

"So I'm trying to get housing and stuff here, but it is really, really cold. I fibromyalgia so it's really, really hard being out here in below zero weather."

Beds filling up quick for the night with people of all ages, including children.

Tonight is going to be a dangerously cold, so make sure you are checking in with your loved ones.

For information on available warming centers in Detroit, as well as places to go during the day, check out