Kendrick Lamar accuses Drake of having 'secret daughter' in 'Meet the Grahams' diss track

Kendrick Lamar is accusing Drake of having a secret child. The Compton native released a scathing and incredibly NSFW diss track titled, "Meet the Grahams" late Friday night, accusing Drake of being an absent father to the Canadian rapper's theoretical daughter.

Kendrick Lamar, also known as "K-Dot," wrote the song in the form of an open letter to Drake's family members: the Canadian rapper's son Adonis, the Canadian rapper's biological parents and this theoretical daughter that the public has never heard of.

In the part where Kendrick Lamar theoretically addresses Drake's "secret daughter," he writes, in-part, "Dear baby girl, I'm sorry that your father not active inside your world."

In addition to the daughter allegations, "K-Dot" also claims Drake "cut them corners" by taking weight-loss drugs, possibly Ozempic, and undergoing elective procedures for the sake of improving his appearance by making a subtle reference to a popular procedure, the "Brazilian butt lift."

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"Do some push ups. Get some discipline. Don't cut them corners like your daddy did, **** what Ozempic did," Kendrick said, in-part, in the track. "Don't pay to play with them Brazilians, get a gym membership."

While it is unknown if the allegations against Drake are true as of May 3, the secret daughter reference comes nearly six years after another star rapper, Pusha T, accused Drake of having a secret son – who ended up being Adonis Graham.

Drake later confirmed Pusha T's suspicions in the song "Emotionless," saying, "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world. I was hiding the world from my kid." 

In the years following Pusha T's stunning revelation, Adonis would follow Drake around when the two were out in public.

Friday's diss-track release is the latest in the vicious back-and-forth between Kendrick and Drake over the last two weeks. Drake released a song titled, "Taylor Made Freestyle," mocking the Compton native's height. In the aforementioned song, the Canadian rapper used AI to resemble the voices of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg, two of Kendrick's idols.

"Taylor Made Freestyle" has since been taken off Drake's social media pages due to copyright concerns.

Moments before Kendrick's latest diss track, Drake released "Family Matters," accusing the Compton native of possible domestic violence.

"They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you beat on your queen," Drake said in the song.

Prior to "Meet the Grahams," Kendrick had thrown haymakers at Drake with a pair of diss tracks, "6:16 in LA" and "Euphoria."