Kevra explains the 'Hole Punch' cloud over Southfield

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Right near the top of the tower at FOX 2 studios in Southfield, was a "Hole Punch" cloud.

The photo was taken by viewer Rich Russell showing an optical illusion that makes it look like the tower is poking a hole through the clouds.

But Derek Kevra explains what is happening is this: the clouds are at a certain layer in the atmosphere, and they are alto-cumulus clouds.

At some point, a plane flew through that deck of clouds. In planes you have turbo jet engines, and you get exhaust and little ice particles begin to form in that layer of the atmosphere, and the tiny bits of cloud get sucked up and sticking to the ice particles. It ends up evaporating that part of the cloud.

What you are left with, is a hole forms. Sometimes it happens without a plane. 

Watch the video to hear Derek Kevra explain the rest.