Kids rally for justice in Ferndale

On a picture perfect day, families gathered in downtown Ferndale supporting Black Lives Matter and standing up against police brutality. This march is different because it’s geared towards our youngest generation. 

Teana Dowdell brought her five and nine-year-old to make their voices heard.

“It's sad that I have to talk to my kids about this. I talk to my son about it he started crying he said ‘mommy I don't want to die.’ So I just want to let them be a voice, teach them what's going on and make a change,” Dowdell said.

Nine-year-old Taelor Dowdell understands why change is needed.

“Everyone's trying to make a difference for the little kids and the new generation that's coming up becuase it can't be like this for us,” she said.

Troy teacher Nancy Kerr-Mueller marched with her family. She says participating in this emotional movement is a teachable moment for kids.

“So many opportunities to make kids feel included to push kids to be more than they can be to look beyond ourselves and realize we are part of a huge global society that really when we are working together can be so much more,” she said.

Ferndale police also walked with the crowd supporting their message while making sure everyone stayed safe.

“It's about time it's about time we all recognize this and the police as well and we are doing our part and we want to make sure everybody else can do what they feel is necessary to voice their concerns as well,” Sgt. Baron brown said, Public Information Officer for the Ferndale police department.

This group left knowing they marched together to make our world a better place.

“Seeing people of different races especially the white people who show up and stand up for people in the United States and all over the world who are oppressed it gets me really emotional,” event organizer Alexandria Idziak said.

The protest wrapped up near Bermuda and nine mile in Ferndale, families say this was a march with a lesson they'll never forget.