Kids start lemonade stand to help Hurricane Harvey victims

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Caiden, his sister Brianna, and their friend Maggie Lyall are hard at work in Garden City.

“We chose to do have a lemonade stand to help the people in Texas,” said Caiden Daniels.

When the kids saw the devastating images from Hurricane Harvey, Caiden and Brianna asked their mom a question – what could they do to help? She suggested a lemonade stand.

“They were out here yesterday from 2-8. They raised $150 and I said, ‘Do you guys want to do it again tomorrow?’ they said ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Okay, you can do it all weekend if you want. Raise as much money as you guys can,’” said Amber Morton, Caiden and Brianna’s mother.

“I feel bad because kids lost homes, lost some parents, lost some family members,” said Lyall.

“I got cash here. This got me when I was going down the road. I was driving down the road and I saw it and my eyes puddled up. I’m like, yeah I have to go back,” said Tim Cronce.

“All I want is one glass. Keep the change dear.”

Debbie Hilt stopped by the lemonade stand on Warren - not once, but twice!

“I just got some money out for them because they’re working hard. They need the attention, not me.”

“It makes me so proud to know that they’re willing to help people out in their time of need,” said Morton.

The kids say they’ll be out all during the entire holiday weekend selling lemonade. If you’re in the area of Hartel and Warren in Garden City, be sure to stop by.