Kitten brothers saved from car engines in Grosse Pointe

It's a problem that happens more than you think - cats getting stuck in car engines.

On Thursday, a little kitten was stuck in a car engine in the parking lot at St. John Hospital.

Corinne Martin, executive director of the GP Animal Adoption Society, said she brought over equipment but after two hours, was unable to get the kitten free.

She says that every time the kitten would come down from the engine, it would become scared and climb back up into another car's engine.

After hours of trying, they were devastated because they couldn't get the kitten out - and that’s when this little kitty went for a ride.

Corrine says they got a call from a resident saying they got home from St. John Hospital to find a kitten in their engine. They tried again, and this time got the cat free.

"It's really incredible, it's a miracle," Corinne said.

But then she got another call - another kitten was stuck in an engine.

Corinne believes the two kitties are brothers and now they are back together. 

So from here, they will both be vaccinated, tested for diseases and then be put up for adoption, and they've already taken calls about giving these kitties a loving home.