Kresge offers millions for plans to revitalize Detroit communities

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Millions of dollars are up for grabs to revitalize neighborhoods in the motor city from the Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit

On Wednesday, the initiative kicked off its fourth round, allowing applicants a chance to submit a plan that will help empower them to empower their community.

"In the past three rounds we have funded 40 projects in Detroit's neighborhoods with the idea being how do we support the creativity and vision of community members in Detroit," said Jonathan Hui, from Kresge Innovative Projects. "The applications are due February 13th.

"We want you to show us and tell us what your community and what its residents are hoping for, and how do you as an organization plan to strengthen your neighborhood."

One person successful in getting support for his project is Jamii Ta Ta, a 2017 grant recipient. But he admits he and his team weren't successful initially.

"We applied three times we went through first and second round and didn't get it," he said.

But the third attempt paid off

"We were granted a $100,000, yes," he said.

It is money that will go to transform this green space at Philadelphia and Oakland.

"We wanted to revitalize a neighborhood park that was underutilized for a couple of years and has a big neighborhood potential to do lots of things," he said.

It would be hard to realize their vision for this park without the help of that grant money. That is why they are encouraging other people to apply.

"No project is too big or too small," Ta Ta said. "Do not shy away."

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