L'Anse Cruese Middle School student says he was threatened in class by student with knife

A Macomb County parent wants a student expelled after the student allegedly brought a knife to school and threatened her son - all because of a little bit of water.

Brandy Mackin's said her son was threatened by another student Monday morning at L'Anse Cruese Middle School Central in Harrison Township . Her son said the classmate pulled a knife out and threatened him in class because she thought he and another boy squirted water on her chair.

"She said to me and him that she was going to snap our necks in half and then she sat back down and ten minutes later, she pulled out a knife," Mackin's son said. "She said don't try me."

When the student talked to FOX 2, told us about the threat of her 'snapping their necks' for the first time - something he didn't tell school administration and his mother. 

"I was scared. I didn't want her coming after me just in case," he said.

The student is new to the school and said the incident happened during 1st period Monday morning. He said he didn't tell the teacher because of a previous bullying incident.

"Because he went and told the teacher, he has a bunch of kids that are now tormenting him," Mackin said.

A few hours after the knife incident, the boy was telling another classmate what happened when a teacher overheard and stepped in.

The knife was confiscated and the student in question was removed from class. An investigation was launched and a letter was sent home to parents. The letter detailed that a knife was shown and found in school but that the student wasn't making threats. It went on to say the incident is being investigated and that the 'proper disciplinary measures will be taken'. 

We passed the new information along to the school and administrators say they are taking it all into account. Mackin's son stayed home from school Tuesday. She said the girl shouldn't be allowed to go to the school any longer.

"I want that student expelled."