Large tiger statue stolen from outside Farmington business

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Mark Heppard owns Mutual Property Management in Farmington - you know, the one with the huge tiger statue sitting in front.

"It is something to draw attention to the building and the businesses and something fun," said Heppard. "A lot of them come by put their kids on it. They put their kids on it, they photos with their children on it."

Heppard says his business takes pride in serving their clients and the community. But it appears over the last few days someone decided to serve themselves - stealing a statue that has been sitting in front of their business for the last decade.

"We've never had a problem, never had an issue, no one's ever screwed around with it and all of a sudden it just absolutely disappeared," Heppard said.

A caper that couldn't be easy. The tiger statue is about four feet tall, and two and half feet wide, weighing about 70 pounds. And it's not hard to miss, painted half the American flag and half the Canadian.

It sat outside of their business on Grand River in downtown Farmington and Heppard doesn't know how anyone even swiped it without being noticed.

"I am trying not to think the worst, I am trying to keep a good attitude but it hopefully will be recovered soon," he said.

Heppard has filed a police report and says he is offering a $200 reward to the person who returns it. He says he can't help but wonder with opening day around the corner, if this is a teenage prank - but you can bet with tickets in hand - he plans to find out.

"I am going to opening day so I will definitely be on the lookout for it," he said. "I'll have two buddies with me and we can grab it if we need to."

UPDATE: After seeing this story, Livonia Police say they found the Tiger on March 24 near Stevenson High School, but weren't sure where it belonged.