Large tree branch smashes three cars in Dearborn Heights

Cities across the metro Detroit area have declared a high wind warnings for Sunday morning 7 am, into early Monday after the National Weather Service predicts wind gust in excess of 50-60 mph.

Dearborn Heights seeing the effects of those high winds after a tree falls crushing three cars.

Around 10:30 a.m.. Sunday morning at Ali Bazzi's father in-law's house in Dearborn Heights.

"His F150 was definitely damaged, so was the Lincoln the 2nd car in line," Bazzi said. 

The Impala the third car in the video is also scratched up from the tree, the insurance will cover the damage but it will cost to get the tree taken care of. 

"Luckily nobody was hurt that's a good thing, if it was the cars that's one thing, as long as nobody got hurt that's all that matters to us," Bazzi said. 

MSP's tips on how to prepare for an outage:

• Fill plastic containers with water and place them in the refrigerator and freezer. Cold water bottles will help keep food cold during a power outage and can also be used for drinking water.
• Check with your physician or pharmacist about any medication that requires refrigeration. It is important to know how long medication is safe in the refrigerator without power.
• Make a plan to prepare for family members with disabilities or who have ill health.
• Try to keep gas tanks at least half full. If the power goes out, gas stations may be unavailable.
• Have extra cash available. ATMs will not work without electricity.
• Keep a key to the house with you when away from home. The garage will not open if the power is out.

The following blackout-specific items should be added to your emergency preparedness kit:

•    Extra batteries
•    Large flashlights/ emergency lighting
•    Food that does not require heat
•    Warm clothes and blankets