Law enforcement agent suicides on rise in 2018

Oakland County sheriff Mike Bouchard has seen a handful of suicides in his life.

"The treatment of other human beings in a way you never want to see, the physical injuries, the active assaulting, rape, murder, all the kinds of worst things," Bouchard said. "...and so first responders see it, they deal with it, they internalize it."

There were 160 suicides committed by law enforcement agents in the line of duty last year. 

However, some think that number isn't close to the actual total.

Sometimes, the deaths aren't reported, which is why David Edwards, the house chaplin for the Taylor police department said the number doesn't tell the whole story. 

Officers might not go to a counselor when they are seeking help. Instead, they may want to talk to another officer before seeking additional help, said Bouchard.

"Things have gotten better though, and that needs to keep happening," he said.