Lawrence Davis, suspect in beating that killed Berkley high graduate denied bond during arraignment

Lawrence Davis, the 24-year-old Detroit man suspected of beating a man to death after a car accident was denied a bond during his arraignment.

"The maximum penalty is life imprisonment," said a judge speaking to Davis.

In the first court appearance in the beating case that left 25-year-old Tyler Wingate a Berkley high school graduate, much of the victim's family turned out to see the alleged killer for the first time.

An attorney briefly walked members of the court through what transpired the night of July 22.

Early in the morning, Davis got into an accident while driving near Davison and Livernois on the city's west side. Driving without a license, he crashed into Tyler Wingate. 

"The defendant gets out of the vehicle irate and angry and ready to start a fight," said the prosecutor.

Davis is seen on a gas station surveillance video punching Wingate in the face and knocking him to the ground. Prosecutors then said Davis went through Wingate's pockets and robbed him.

"The victim was defenseless, woozy, unarmed, acting very calmly and at this point in time, the defendant continued to brutally assault the victim in the case," said the prosecutor.

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However, it was a final kick to the head before Davis fled that the prosecutor said was what killed Wingate. Davis wouldn't be seen by officials for a week, hiding out at several locations, before police arrested him without incident at an apartment complex.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Davis had help from others who knew what happened.

"They knew he was involved in this horrible crime and they did nothing to assist us," Craig said. "That's a problem for me."

However, Davis's aunt said her nephew has had a hard life and didn't mean to kill Wingate.

"We give our condolences - our nephew is hurting too," said his aunt. "People don't understand, mistakes happen."

Due to the week of Davis missing, his judge denied him bond.

"A person's life was lost, terminated. Somebody died in this matter," said the judge. "There is no bond. Do you understand that sir?"

"Yes ma'am," responded Davis.