Lawsuit: USPS workers sexually assaulted during fittings at Livonia tailor

A Livonia tailor shop is facing a lawsuit for failing to protect the public after a tailor was arrested for sexually assaulting men during fittings.

Attorney Jonathan Marko says the allegations came to light when a couple of individuals who say they were sexually assaulted went to the Livonia Police Department. Since then, a dozen men have come forward claiming Majed Wazni a tailor at Allie Brothers in Livonia had sexually assaulted them while they were being fitted for their US postal uniform. 

"It's humiliating. It is degrading, when they are going to get their suits tailored, their uniforms tailored so they can do their job," Marko said.

Wazni faces criminal charges stemming from two alleged cases, which his attorney has denied in court. In the meantime, on behalf of the victims, Marko has filed a civil lawsuit, suing Allie Brothers for not doing enough to protect the public. Allie Brothers specializes in tailoring for law enforcement, the military and postal workers.

"The information we have, it was going on for years and years and this defendant, this molester, this perve was doing it out in the open and so they should have known about this and they should've provided a safe environment for their customers," Marko said.

FOX 2 spoke to the attorney for Allie Brothers on Tuesday, who said they plan to vigorously defend this lawsuit. But Marko believes there are more victims out there, who have been sexually assaulted by Wazni.

"Police officers, firefighters, unless this guy had a postal service fetish, I think it happened to a lot more people."