Leap Day 2016 fits with the wacky times

It is February 29 - leap day 2016. FOX 2's Jason Carr looks at how the wacky day fits in perfectly with these wacky times.

Like Presidential elections, February 29 only comes around every four years and not coincidentally, but rather inevitably,
we won't see either again until 2020.

Which means as a harbinger, February 29 is actually an unwitting scourge that will serve to remind us of the coarsening of American politics.

Elevator boots notwithstanding, leap years do provide a lift to our ongoing calendar, which itself is not going to change any
sooner than the cynicism dominating our culture.

Witness the leaping of consumerism, wherein leap day is apparently now a thing in that way things are now things.

So restaurants and retailers have to offer specials lest they not have something to tweet about and, horrors, their competitors leap past them or something else is taking up the news cycle.

So as February 29, 2016 slips into history, stuck innocently between a contentious Academy Awards and a surely contentious Super Tuesday, keep in mind that at least Arbor Day isn't a thing - yet.