Learning more about heart health and what everyone should know

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They call it 'The Widow Maker'- it's that kind of massive heart attack that claimed the life of FOX 2's Ron Savage. The coroner said Ron suffered from a blockage of the left coronary artery,

He dedicated his life to helping people so we are learning more about heart health hoping to prevent another tragedy.

Henry Ford cardiologist Deirdre Mattina, MD, director of the Women's Heart Center stopped by to explain what everyone should know.

Ron Savage was 63 years old and in good health, had recently had a physical and had no signs of heart disease and he exercised regularly and was not a smoker. He was a firefighter with the Milford Fire Department and had just completed training Saturday morning when he collapsed. He was set to do the Fight for Air Climb with the American Lung Association at the Ren Cen on Sunday, which he has done annually.

"The American Heart Association has the 'Seven Healthy Habits' that they want to look for," said Mattina. "Things like having a healthy diet, you're physically active getting at least 150 minutes of activity a week, avoiding cigarettes and tobacco products, checking and screening for diabetes, screening for high blood pressure and hypertension, high cholesterol."

Mattina said it can be hard to identify people could be struck by a heart attack. Some have heart disease which establishes early on that causes a gradual narrowing of blood vessels that supply the heart.

"There are other people who may have minor blockages in the heart, a small level of cholesterol," she said. "It is actually those blockages that are more vulnerable to rupture and cause a heart attack."

Watch the video for more information from Mattina. There is an online quiz designed for people to answer some of these questions. It's the Henry Ford Heart Health Risk Assessment Quiz. CLICK HERE.

Memorials may be made in Ron Savage's name to The Ronnie Savage College Education Fund, with checks payable to Ronnie Savage, c/o Lynch & Sons, 404 E. Liberty St., Milford, Michigan 48381.

For further information please phone 248-684-6645.