Legacy of Lacey Holworth lives on, gives other hope

It was all the excitement of cheering on one of the top ranked football programs in the country while at the same time helping to fight cancer.

A fundraiser at Rosie O' Grady's in Ferndale in the name of Lacey Holworth. Holworth was a courageous 8-year-old girl who stole the hearts of the Michigan State basketball team by fearlessly taking on cancer.

She was a true inspiration to others. Unfortunately, Lacey passed away more than a year ago. 

Andi Parel, the event hostess said Lacey's connection to MSU meant more than words. "Her connection with the basketball team and that fact that she smiled through the whole thing, the fact that she never once gave up hit home."

A fight that lasted until the bitter-end when cancer took young Lacey's life.

With Lacey in mind Spartan alumni gathered Saturday and put together a way to give back by putting on raffles and auctions for over 200 items. Some of those items were game worn shoes by famous Spartan basketball players and even Piston tickets. 

Last year this same event raised $17,000, all of which goes to cancer research.