Legally blind teen throws out first pitch at Comerica park

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Throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tiger’s game would be a dream come true for almost any child. But for Gabriel Sirr its especially special. 

“It was amazing just being there was awesome and meeting some of my favorite players was so cool,” Gabriel said.

Last June we introduced the 16-year old who suffers from Wagr syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Among other challenges Gabriel was born without an iris, leaving him legally blind.

Just recently Gabriel’s mother Jessica learned about a Toronto based company e-sight which had developed a pair of glasses that would finally give Gabriel the ability to see, but they were an expensive, 10 thousand dollars.

What seemed like the impossible until Fox 2 and its generous viewers got involved. After our story aired the Gofundme account surpassed its financial goal allowing Gabriel to buy his special glasses and giving him the gift of sight.

“Within 24 hours we hit over our goal for the glasses, so it was amazing, it was crazy, it was just blowing up. We wanted to thank everyone for donating and helping him get to where he is today,” Jessica said.

“So much better back then I could only see a few things far away now I can see a whole lot more,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel told us that day he always wanted to see a Tiger’s game. The Detroit Tigers were listening, which brought about this special day and a VIP experience Gabriel and his family will remember forever.

“For him to see, its just..I don't know how to put into words how emotional it is to see him to be able to see, his father and I so grateful we are so touched everyone got him to this point we are so thankful,” Jessica said.

“I was nervous I may have messed it up or something I'm new to these glasses,” he said.