Les Stanford employee breaks Guinness World Record for most car sales

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He is being called the Michael Jordan for car sells, Ali Reda a Salesman at Les Stanford Chevrolet-Cadillac in Dearborn has sold in the year 2017 a total of 1582 units. 

That's in line for a Guinness world record.

"You don't expect this, it's just unbelievable, amazing what we were able to accomplish," Reda said.

Reda's numbers are so impressive even the President of Les Stanford Chevrolet-Cadillac is shocked by his numbers.

"He's averaging almost 6 deliveries per day that we're open, it’s a monumental fleet. It’s beyond my expectations and certainly how he does it is really kind of scratching my head to be honest with you," President Paul Stanford said.

So what's Redas secret?

"It’s not so much what you're selling but it's the relationship portion of what selling and we're in a relationship business, it’s not so much cars or houses or anything that you're doing, it’s about the people.

But not everyone is a believer in these numbers, Joe Girard is the current record holder selling 1425 vehicles back in 1973 that record has stood until Reda broke it in 2017.

 Girard has pledged to send lawyers to look into Ali Reda's numbers.

"Its a tough one to swallow, because your whole career you're chasing this number, and we're shooting for the moon its so hard to imagine you can never get there and when you do, you have a different feeling of what to expect and it was a little of the opposite but I understand the position," Reda explained.

“This is not something fictitious, it’s not something we make up, and this is the real deal. We submit this information to General Motors on a daily basis with the customers we sell, retail customers, and it's all documented, its 100 percent legitimate 100 percent true," Vice President Gary Stanford says, 

In order to deliver that many cars, Reda has some help. There are two people that work with him to get all the paperwork and administrative details handled to make that process as efficient as possible. Both whom have learned a lot from him. 

"Patience, definitely the number one thing I've learned from him," Assistant Merna Beydoun said.

Reda has no intentions of slowing down.

Fox 2: How much longer do you want to do this?

"Paul Stanford says maybe another 100 years, but I’m having fun now, I'm blessed to be where I'm at, and I look forward for many many years," Reda said.