Let It Rip: Courser expulsion hits stalemate, police & the public

Part 1: Courser expulsion hits stalemate

Why are Democrats in the State House standing in the way of expulsion of State Rep. Todd Courser.Do they really want these Tea Party Republicans to stay in office, or is there something else going on?

Our panel:

Rocky Raczkowski, Republican consultant and former state rep.
Mark Brewer, former chairman of the state Democratic Party.
State Sen. Coleman A. Young II (D-Detroit)

Part 2 Detroit police respect

There is growing mistrust between police and the public.Unarmed suspects have died at the hands of police, but now,  a growing number of police officers have become the targets of threats and bullets. We'll hear the personal stories of four Detroit police officers who put their lives on the line every day.

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Our panel:

Danon Bell, 17-year veteran.
Baron Coleman, joined the DPD in 1996.
Carrie Thomas, a 15-year veteran in DPD community relations.
Steven Shank, a 17-year veteran.

Part 3: Let It Rip On the Road - The rising number of hits and runs.

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