Let It Rip: Detroit gas stations at night; welfare change proposal

Part 1: Buying gas at night in Detroit

A string of violent incidents have been reported at Detroit gas stations over the past few days. Detroit Police Chief James Craig remarked he wouldn't buy gas late at night in Detroit.

Some of his critics say the remark was irresponsible. But others claim the chief was speaking the truth. 

On the panel:

Nasser Beydoun, Detroit gas station owner

Rev. Horace Sheffield, pastor and activist

Rev. Ralph Godbee, pastor and former Detroit police chief

Part 2: Welfare change proposal

A proposed new law would cut the welfare benefits of families if their kids don't show up for school.

Is it a good way to motivate students, or just another attack on poor people.

On the panel:

Maureen Taylor, chair of the Michigan Welfair Rights Organization

Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, former Michigan House member.

Randy Speck, Superintendent of Madison Heights Public Schools

Part 3: Let It Rip On The Road

Charlie Langton asks those at the Mackinac policy conference what the biggest challenge facing Michigan.