Let It Rip: Marijuana legalization special

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Part 1: Pot becomes legal, what you should know

Marijuana becomes legal on Dec. 6 but that doesn't mean you can light up anywhere, any time. 

We will focus on what you need to know with recreational pot soon to be legal. 

On the panel:
Anquenette "Q" Jamison Sarfoh, former FOX 2 anchor, marijuana activist

Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police

Attorney Barton Morris, Cannabis Legal Group

Scott Greenlee, organizer of Healthy and Productive Michigan

Part 2: What about past marijuana offenses?

Thousands of people are still in prison for minor pot offenses.

What should happen to them now that their crimes are no longer crimes?  
On the panel:

Vida Gammo, whose husband is in prison for selling marijuana.

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit if they agree with marijuana's legalization.