Let It Rip: 'Sanctuary Cities'; Satanic statue debate

Part 1: 'Sanctuary Cities'; Satanic monument

There has been plenty of talk about  "sanctuary cities" after the fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle by illegal immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez in San Francisco.

Detroit is also a sanctuary city. Should that change in light of this horrific crime?

On the panel:

Rocky Raczkowski, conservative commentator.

Eusebia Aquino Hughes, member of the Latino American Progressive Voter Party.

Harvey Santana, Democratic State representative.

Part 2: Satanic monument

The monument was created in response to a display of the ten commandments outside the Oklahoma state house.

That's where it will go permanently, but it will be unveiled in Detroit on July 25. Originally that was supposed to take place at Bert's warehouse.
But after protests, Bert's canceled the event. Tonight the Satanic Temple says they have another venue. Is it censorship by organized religion supporters to pressure Bert's or another venue from hosting the event?

On the panel:

Jex Blackmore, of the Satanic Temple of Detroit.

Rev. David Bullock, Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church.

Let It Rip On The Road: Fireworks 

Charlie Langton asks if the state legislature should repeal the fireworks law.