Let It Rip: The Oregon tragedy; UAW Fiat-Chrysler talks

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Part 1: The Oregon tragedy

The mass shooting at a community college campus in Oregon has once again shifted gun control in the spotlight.

President Barack Obama spoke passionately about how routine shootings have become. Is there a way to stop the tide of bloodshed from mass shootings?

On the panel:

Rick Ector, gun owner, instructor and gun rights advocate

Virg Bernero, Lansing mayor and former state representative and senator.

Ralph Godbee, former Detroit police chief.

Part 2: The UAW Fiat-Chrysler talks

The workers have spoken and rejected the proposed contract with Fiat-Chrysler.

What happens next, does that mean a strike is next?

On the panel:

Brian Pannebecker, Ford plant worker and former Chrysler employee.

Joann Muller, chief of the Forbes Magazine Detroit Bureau

John Stoll, global auto editor for the Wall Street Journal.

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks people around metro Detroit what should happen with the UAW and Fiat-Chrysler talks. Also, some bonus discussion with our expert panel.