Let It Rip: The Virginia TV murders

The murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward Wednesday resonated around the world.

Not just because it happened on live TV but also because of the killer's motives and his disgusting use of social media.

The killer, Vester Flanagan, had been fired two years ago but in a 23-page manifesto, called himself a powder keg ready to blow.

A closer look at rage, race, insanity, and guns - and why what happened there could happen anywhere.

On the panels:

Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist

Dr. Gerald Shiener, a psychiatrist

Charlie LeDuff, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and host of FOX's The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

Taryn Asher, Emmy-winning reporter and anchor of Let It Rip Weekend.

In part 2 of the panel:

Patricia Nemeth, a labor and employment attorney talks about how the incident could change dynamics in the workplace.

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In part 3 of the panel:

Charlie Langton goes on the road to discuss workplace safety.

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