Life in the fast lane: Charlie Langton races at Milan Dragway

Milan Dragway's racing season opened Friday, and our own Charlie Langton got to experience some of the high-octane thrills at the track.

Charlie met up with Rob, one of the racers there.

Charlie: "What I should be looking for?"

"It's going to set you back in the seat, you're going to have a good run, and you're going to be smiling at the end of the track," he said.

Rob told Charlie that he can expect speeds of up to 123 to 124 miles per hour in his navy blue 393 Barracuda racing car.

After donning a racing helmet for safety, and buckling in, Rob (behind the wheel) pulled up to the line and went drag racing.

"I can handle this," Charlie said.

As the racing tree light went from yellow to green - the cars jumped off the line in a race to the finish.

See what happens next, as well as Charlie hitting the gas pedal when he gets behind the wheel of another race car, watch the top video. 

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The Milan Dragway is located at 10860 Plank Road in Milan.

For more information on the Milan Dragway, go to their website HERE.